Many heat applications use water as heat medium. In most cases, these systems  should be treated to avoid corrosion and deposits to minimize heat loss, repairs and production losses.
AQUATREAT provides for the treatment of above systems high-tech, environmentally friendly products that are cost saving by their very efficient operation.

Our main products for the treatment of boiler and steam circuits are for

  • Low and Middle Pressure Boilers
  • High Pressure Steam Boilers
  • Condensate Line Treatment

All Votile Treatment (AVT) Program:

AQUATREAT offers unique one-shot product for a total treatment of high pressure steam boilers where the superheated steam is powering a steam turbine.

Our treatment program AQUATREAT 711 treats the feed water tank (after degasser), boiler water and steam/condensate lines with only one dosing pump.

Thanks to the many years of intensive R&D, we managed to generate a conductivity of < 0.2 µS/cm after acid cation resin. This is crucial since this is one of the requirements of the suppliers of steam turbines.