Water is a commonly used cooling agent in the industry. In each cooling equipment the condenser, heat exchanger and the cooling tower packing have to keep working optimal to accomplish a maximum efficiency. This can only be accomplished with a sufficient water treatment to inhibit the corrosion that can occur and to prevent the formation of organic and inorganic scale/deposits.

AQUATREAT has a wide variety of high technological products to propose an optimal treatment for each system. We have products to treat

  • Open Re-Circulating Cooling Systems
  • Closed Systems
  • Once through Cooling Systems
  • Process Water Cooling Systems

We, AQUATREAT, introduce for the first time SINGLE product treatment program for cooling tower, which is not only result oriented but also cost effective. Our ONE-SHOT Treatment program AQUATREAT 202 has following features:

  • Excellent dispersion
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Strong bio-dispersing
  • Prevents and removes inorganic scale
  • Cleaning properties
  • No acid dosing required
  • Active against biofouling, synergy with biocide